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Juniors News
by posted 03/26/2023


We will be starting practice at Taylor View this week. Yes there is still snow but the fields do have some grass in areas.

Monday 6-7pm, Helmet and Jersey hand out. We will be doing Wall ball in the parking lot behind Taylorview Middle School. Bring shoes, cleats are not a good idea on the asphalt.

T, W,Th Practice at Taylorview Middle School 5:30 to 7:00PM dress for the weather and make sure you bring water.

Friday, Shooting practice 6-7pm Not official practice make it if you can.

Keep an eye on the schedule on our page. Local games have been scheduled and will be posted on our Team Page.

C. Peters

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IMLAX Game Tentative!
by posted 03/16/2023

Junior this is the tentitve schedule for our games..... Please start making plans. Times may change but the dates are pretty set. 

Sat, 4/15
Game (h) vs Northridge 7/8
 Legacy Events Center 4
Sat, 4/15
Game (h) vs Layton 7/8
 Legacy Events Center 3
Sat, 4/22
Game (h) vs Green Canyon 7/8
 Elk Ridge Park - East
Sat, 4/22
Game (h) vs Cache Valley Black 7/
 Elk Ridge Park - East
Sat, 4/22
Game (h) vs Sky View 7/8
 Elk Ridge Park - East
Mon, 5/1 Weekday Games*  
Sat, 5/6
Game (h) vs Syracuse White 7/8
 Rock Creek Park


C. Peters

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Juniors Chalk Talk Prep
by posted 03/15/2023

Stick Still Work 

Wall Ball


Good tips and tricks for all dodges

However Please ensure you focus on the Face and Split Dodge

Face Dodge

Split Dodge


C. Peters

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7/8 Juniors Communication Plan
by posted 02/20/2023

7/8 Junior Parents,


Primary Communication: Website: We keep it up to date, if you have any questions about Games, Practices, stats, and pertinent information it is usually found on the page. If you find anything incorrect or not consistent it is more than likely an error on my part. Please bring it to our attention, the site doesn’t always work well if I put stuff in with a phone. 

Ensure your information is up to date, If you're not receiving text from the website please let Coaches know. 

Secondary Communication: GroupMe  is ⅞ Juniors 2023 - -- Due to the website being only one way communication we will be using the GroupMe app for team correspondence. GroupMe app is an effective way to communicate back and forth however if it  becomes a problem or we have issues with individuals they will be removed from the Group. 

Some ground rules.

  1. Coaches are the Current Admins - If you would like to take that responsibility please let us know.

  2. Closed group requires Admin to approve access

  3. If you have questions  that don’t pertain to the group, ask them elsewhere. 

  4. For team communication and coordination, sharing information about games and practices, Volunteer coordination, setting up team events, RSVPs, Communication to the Coaches ect.

    1. Not for personal conversations - No one likes their phone blowing with notifications that do not pertain to them. Team communication only please. 

  5. Not a gossip group - Handling issues or situations by calling attention to ourselves, other parents, coaches, reffs ect in this app is not effective or productive communication. Please Come to the Coaches, if the Coaches are the problem please go to the IF Lacrosse Parent Rep.

Tertiary Communication: 

Feel free to text or email anyone in IF Lacrosse at any time.


C. Peters




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