Idaho Falls Boys and Girls Youth Lacrosse Club

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2021 Girls High School Fall Ball

Fall Ball is a developmental league to gain skills, grow as a team, and get prepared for Spring Lacrosse.  

At this point, we are committing to practices and the Hot Potato Boise tournament in October.   We are still seeking games, but we cannot commit at this point (other teams have not fully communicated if they are fielding girls teams for Fall Ball). 

Required gear includes eye protection (goggles), cleats, stick and mouthguard supplied by the player. 

The Club provides the uniform (no cost, but security deposit required).

To complete your lacrosse registration you will have to register at 2 different websites:

1)  If you are brand new or have an expired US Lacrosse membership, this is your first step.  You cannot register in step 2 without a valid US Lax membership number. You can also search for your US Lax number at this same website, if you've forgotten it.  $30.

2)  Idaho Falls Lacrosse- you're already doing it!  Keep moving through this reg site and pay at end.  $70 fee pays for uniforms, practice field maintenance, insurance, etc.  and the Hot Potato Tournament registration. 

NOTE:  Your player cannot practice if she is not registered with Idaho Falls Lacrosse.  One unregistered player nullifies health insurance for ALL players, if there is an injury. This is a HARD STOP.  We will not allow an unregistered player to  practice  without being registered. 

Please have all your medical and Insurance information as well as a credit card handy for all the registrations.


Coleen at 208-821-7021 or







Base Cost: $70.00

Opened: 08/30/2021
Closes: 10/30/2021

In Grades: 8 to 12 for 2021-22 School year